Harpoon Pole Vault is one of several solo projects by Seattle's Jason E. Anderson, best known as head of the Gift Tapes label and as half of synth duo Brother Raven. Harpoon Pole Vault recalls the atmospheric realm of ambient music pioneers and early 80's underground tape music. Space sounds and noisy textures are folded into melodic musical structures and otherworldy abstract realms through improvisations with synthesizers and effects.


outside this area
C30, Jugular Forest, 2010
MP3: governess

biopolar adjustment procedure
C30, House of Sun, 2010
MP3: straightening

Father Sound/Harpoon Pole Vault, SPLIT
C30, Gift Tapes, 2010
MP3: blaster

whispering crystal babies
MC30, Gift Tapes, 2009
MP3: all things from the sea