(updated January 2, 2017)


Gift Tapes of Seattle, WA - Experimental music; analog tape label
DRAFT - Gift Tapes' sister label


SoundCloud - Gift Tapes, DRAFT, JEA SoundCloud
Vimeo - Gift Tapes, DRAFT, JEA Vimeo
JEA Twitter - JEA Twitter
GT Twitter - Gift Tapes Twitter
DRAFT Twitter - DRAFT Twitter
Facebook - Gift Tapes, DRAFT, JEA Facebook


Wayward Music Series Seattle music series at Chapel Performance Space
Gallery 1412 - Artist run gallery/collective
Jackstraw - 501c3 Non Profit, audio arts center
Wall of Sound - Seattle-based music store
Sonarchy Radio - Jackstraw & KEXP host Doug Haire's live experimental music show
Hollow Earth Radio - Online radio/DIY performance space


LIMITS - Seattle Performance art/music hybrid, JEA + dancer/choreographer Corrie Befort
Spare Death Icon - Seattle solo synth project, JEA
Brother Raven - Seattle synth duo - Jamie Potter & Jason E Anderson
Adam Diller - Filmmaker, sax/synth player, lives in Philly
Matt Carlson - PDX-based musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, modular synth
Million Mists - Musician & visual artist Jamie Potter, lives in Portland
Scott Goodwin - Portland-based electronic musician (Operative, Lander 5, VEPA, GOODWIN)
Chris Madak - Philadelphia based electronic musician (Bee Mask)
Jeff Witscher - Electronic musician/composer, Rene Hell
Alex Barnett - Chicago-based synth musician, see also (Oakeater & BARNETT + COLOCCIA)
Pulse Emitter - PDX-based, solo synth project of Daryl Groetsch
Pete Swanson - NYC-based noise artist from PDX, runs FTS
Zaimph - NYC-based, solo guitar/electronics project of Marcia Bassett
Witchbeam - Synth musician and visual artist (Telecult Powers)
Helga Fassonaki - LA-based sound artist; Metal Rougue w/ Andrew Scott
Magneticring - Vancouver BC, solo synth project of Joshua Stevenson
Jonathan Sielaff - Portland-based musician, clarinets
Norm Chambers - Seattle synth composer/record collector Norm Chambers
Seth Nehil - PDX based sound artist and musician
Angelina Baldoz - Seattle-based musician and improviser
Mammifer - Faith Coloccia & Aaron Turner duo
Dave Knott - Musician, music therapist, lives in Seattle
Jarrad Powell - Composer, director of Gamelan Pacifica, professor at Cornish in Seattle


Corrie Befort - Seattle-based artist, choreographer, dancer, filmmaker, teacher, designer
Beth Graczyk - Seattle-based dancer, choreographer, bio-chemist
Salt Horse - Seattle-based dance, sound, visual-theater performance company (Beth Graczyk, Corrie Befort, Angelina Baldoz)
Brenna Murphy - Video artist and performance artist, living in NYC
Ariana Page Russell - Visual artist, living in LA


Meditations - Kyoto, Japan
Tomentosa Records - Asheville, NC
Experimedia - Ravenna, OH
Börft - Karlskrona, Sweden


UbuWeb - Independent resource for avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider art
Resonance Radio - London-based radio
WFMU - Jersey City/NYC radio
Free103point9 - NYC-based radio
RADIO WEB MACBA - Radiophonic project run by Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art